The most interesting houses on the planet

Many architects plus assorted manufacturers do everything in their energy to build the building that will be unique as well as attract the individuals understanding.
1 of those unusual houses is certainly Katowice’s Spodek (from Polish – a saucer).

A exclusive building seems like a UFO disk as well as it’s a genuine sign of the city. It has been designed in seventies by individuals who were tired of ordinary-looking houses. The same individuals have also designed the block of houses that resemble corns.
It’s worth to underline that ‘Spodek’ is actually the house for numerous cultural events, such as concerts, fairs, and volleyball matches. The building is presented for the customers 100% free. Nevertheless, it is worth to visit it during numerous events to find out more about the huge space and a great capability of the building. Moreover, the location around the unique building is also an worthwhile place to spend some free time. Here are few pubs and the eco-friendly area where each citizens as well as travellers might relax.
Where is Katowice?
Everyone who would like to see the unique saucer need to visit Poland, the country located in Europe, one of a European Union’s members. Katowice is placed in the southern area of Poland, in Silesia region which was once popular from coal mines.
How to get here?
It is very easy.

You can go there by plane – there is situated Katowice-Airport about 20 minutes from Katowice City Centre or by car – there is a direct highway that goes from Germany as well as the Czech Republic to Katowice.
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