How to create the breathtaking, fairy-tale-like space for daughter?

Kids often have their own universe – the land of dreams and imagination. Even though it can be not easy to enter this zone, the adults can help their kids to realise their dreams, at least partially.


Autor: The LEAF Project
When their child cherishes a particular story, they will surely know about it. How? A little zealot can tell very much about his or her favourite hero. The kid will also be delighted when something connected with that universe shows up, for example on a toy store window.
To create the fabulous world for kids, Disney murals might prove really useful. Its size can be adjusted to the free area on the wall of kids’ bedroom. It is quite easy to obtain colourful pictures with widely popular heroes from the newest animation films. The ones who prefer Disney classics also will be content. Murals with Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh and Snow White are also available in online shops. In many cases the size of the drawing can be customized at will. There are also more special versions, for instance with matt surface. Some of them are also scratch-resistant. That is an important advantage in the room where children are having fun. The instruction of installation are found on the manufacturer’s website. It is usually enclosed with the mural too. The montage of Disney murals on the wall is quite simple, every grown person can easily cope with it on his own.

When someone plans to surprise the young one, the colourful decoration can be set up when he or she is at kindergArten. But setting it up together might also prove great time for kids, and for parents too. A broad smile of the kid after the work is finished is worth the effort.
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