How to refurbish the antique wooden entrances so that they fit into the rest of the building?

Wooden home doors in older habitats or townhouses often pop out from recently renoVATed internal walls, distinguishing themselves long ago with yellowish oil paint.


Autor: Wicker Paradise

Autor: Joseph Bremson
What is more, there are often gaps around the door frame, and the door petal strokes, which have been battered for a long time, have spotty scratches, marks or cavities. If you do not have the time or the desire for a complete restoration, linked to the door replacement, it is the moment to renew the aged wooden doors or panels.

Autor: Johan Larsson
Renovation of wooden doors most often demands elimination of the old paint covering. Fading, irregulary surface of oil varnish will not embrace a correct new finishing layer. There are several ways of eliminating oil paint. These works, such as sandblasting or burning with an electric heater can be ordered from professional firms. Slips or cracks formed in the door will wane in a simple way, you cover it with putty. You should only begin grinding after full cure, that will last from couple of hours to one day, depending on the products applied and the measure of the imprefections. For sanding doors you can employ sandpaper, however in angles, for instance for sheening it will be more handy to use abrasive sponge. Use the pack that comes with the paper – it should be faster and easier to flatten the wooden surface. After replacing the old oil paint coating, you will have nearly rough wood or wood-based panel.

Nevertheless, as it is an old surface, it would be worth to coat it with coloring base, not wood glaze, for instance. The door after such a restoration is ready for repositioning in hinges.
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